I would like to propose a common meditation and meditation.

               Regardless of the world, across all ages, consciously or unconsciously, people meditated. The reasons were as varied as there are different life situations. Fervent prayer of a personal or group with a request to God for survival, health and good harvest, through discursive meditation, helping to resolve personal issues after deep contemplation in order to calm the mind and the closer to God. The purpose of each of these different forms of meditation is to achieve a certain state of mind which makes us feel heard, understood, protected, and this silence is summed up in feelings of being happier and not only during meditation, but also after completing, on a daily basis.

              I came into touch are already about 140 different forms of meditation in the world, there are certainly many more. I tried a dozen of them personally and I will try some here for you to describe and to encourage their practice.

              1. Jesus Prayer  is a contemplative prayer, whose essence is the worship of God by being before God, adoration of God and selfless devotion to God. Jesus Prayer dates back to the beginnings of the Desert Fathers in the fourth century, is a prayer consisting of the repetition in the rhythm of the breath the Name of Jesus or a sentence that contains the name of Jesus. In the broader meaning of the Jesus Prayer is a prayer of remaining in the presence of God in silence, without words. The duration of this silent presence and mindfulness can help you focus on your breathing. Jesus Prayer is sometimes also called the “prayer of the heart” meditation, Christian meditation, deep meditation... It can also be called a meditation without intention that is without substance as opposed to discursive meditation, in which something we are considering. Prayer in the rhythm of breath recommend both the “Philokalia” “Cloud of Ignorance”, “Tales of the Pilgrim” and St. Ignatius of Loyola Jesuit founder, creator of the Spiritual Exercises. Many Christians are looking for this kind of meditation in Asian religions, not knowing that it also exists In Christianity.


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